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Credit Clinic is a Finance Facilitator, Credit Repairer & Debt Negotiation Company (NOT DEBT REVIEW) that specialises in getting our Clients: Home Loans (Bonds), Car Finance and Personal Loans and reducing our Clients’ Monthly Debt Instalments, Removing Blacklistings & Improving their Credit Scores with TransUnion, Experian, XDS & CompuScan.

Credit Clinic works hand-in-hand with our Clients’ Creditors’ Attorneys across the country to help our Clients to access Credit and abide by the laws laid by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

That means we handle and assist every Client across the Republic of South Africa to get Home Loans (Bonds), Car Finance and Personal Loans plus Clearing their Names.

Credit Clinic also assists their Clients who want to Register their Companies and Manage them properly with Profit and Compliance.

We also Verify People and Companies of their Real Credentials and Registrations e.g.: Credit Checks, Bank Account Verifications, Citizenships/Passports, Driver’s Licences etc

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