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Why Choose Credit Clinic for Vehicle Finance Applications:

Credit Clinic offers a Vehicle Finance and Insurance solutions to motor dealers and also offers Private-to-Private Finance. We arrange finance and insurance for vehicle sales by dealers and private vehicle sales between individuals, companies, trusts and even from deceased estates.

Credit Clinic makes your finance application as we negotiate on your behalf the vehicle finance terms, and offer a complete finance solution that will meet your needs when buying a new or used vehicle.

Why Choose Credit Clinic for Bond Applications:

Credit Clinic promises to process your Bond Application faster than any other Bond Originating Company.

  • • Credit Clinic applies for your Bond with all 4 or more banks same time.
  • • Credit Clinic can obtain the best Bond for you in the shortest possible time.
  • • Credit Clinic does 1 Interview with you (No Up & Downs)
  • • Credit Clinic will keep you posted daily of the progress of your Bond Application.
  • • Credit Clinic will give You Unbiased Advice; we will be acting solely in your best interests.

Why Choose Credit Clinic for Short Term Loans Applications:

Credit Clinic will assist you step by step on getting you a Short Term Loan with reasonable interest rates. We also give Debt Consolidation to pay off smaller loans.